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Experience the Ionian terrain

Agallio Nature Resort is a new mountain oasis with panoramic views of fertile land, infinite sea, and open sky. Make the most of your Zakynthos holiday with complete tranquility. Rise above the hustle and bustle, away from tourist hotspots and congested beach towns. Stay refreshed under the sunshine with high altitude breeze. Witness breathtaking celestial events, like moonrise and sunset, from the perfect vantage point. 50 rooms, two swimming pools, a bar & restaurant, an outdoor gym, verandas, gathering spaces, and hiking trails. Here, we welcome you to the gritty mountaintop without losing comfort or style.



Standard King


Double or twin

Agallio Nature Resort - Hotel Bunk Bed

standard twin


standard double


A king size bed (160cm)

Suitable for 1-2 guests

A pair of single beds (90cm)

Suitable for 2 guests

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